Thursday, June 12, 2008

Game 12: Phantom PK and the wisdom of Rob Stone

Before we get into the analysis of the Poland-Austria match lets get one thing straight; Rob Stone is a tool. Everything that is bad about American soccer is embodied by this arrogant, cocky, and clueless talking head. In between matches Stone was honestly trying to tell Andy Gray (a professional player at the lop European level in the 70's and 80's) that European clubs don't understand the "harsh atmospheres" that the US Men's National Team has to visit during World Cup qualifying. In reference to such teams as Canada, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, El Salvadore, and other island nations, Rob Stone is really trying to make the point that the US has just as difficult if not a more difficult road to qualify for 2010 South Africa.

Back to Vienna, where outside of the first 10 minutes Poland had thoroughly dominated the match against Austria, looking to be on their way to secure a victory and a vital 3 points going into their last match against Croatia, until the 92nd minute when English referee Howard Webb gives the softest PK I've ever seen in at an international level, gift wrapping a draw for Austria that they did not deserve. Artur Boruc was simply magnificent all game stopping 3 point blank shots inside the first 10 minutes, Poland then settled into the game and dominated the next 70 minutes. Polish naturalized striker Guerrero was Poland's best field player by a long shot, consistently creating danger in the Austrian defensive 1/3 and his efforts we rewarded with a tap-in goal in the 30th minute. With the successfully converted penalty by the tournament's oldest player Ivica Vastic, a draw keeps the hopes of the co-hosts alive going into game 3, while sealing the #1 group position into the quarter finals.

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mark said...

You do NOT want to be on Rob Stone's bad side...he'll sit you down and bore you to death with his aimless stories and scripted comments! Playing Barbados at home, even though it's an away game is tough! Whatever Rob says...I believe. Kidding...he's a cheerleader! That's all.